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GNU Zebra

Zebra is a routing software package that manages TCP/IP based routing protocols. In addition to routing protocol support, Zebra provides interface address configuration and advanced filtering.

This is the GNU Zebra Manual for zebra-0.91.

1. Overview  Overview of the Zebra
2. Installation  How to install the Zebra

The Zebra Suite
3. Basic commands  Basic Zebra commands
4. zebra  The routing manager
5. ripd  A RIP protocol daemon
6. ripngd  A RIPng protocol daemon
7. ospfd  An OSPF protocol daemon
8. ospf6d  An OSPF for IPv6 protocol daemon
9. bgpd  A BGP protocol daemon
10. vtysh  An integrated shell

Additional Features
11. Filtering  How to filter routes
12. Route Map  Route map description
13. IPv6 Support  IP version 6 support
14. Kernel Interface  Zebra between kernel interface
15. SNMP Support  Support for SNMP

A. Zebra Protocol  
B. Packet Binary Dump Format  
Command Index  An item for each command name
VTY Key Index  An item for each VTY key

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