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5. ripd

RIP -- Routing Information Protocol is widely deployed interior gateway protocol. RIP was developed in the 1970s at Xerox Labs as part of the XNS routing protocol. RIP is a distance-vector protocol and is based on the Bellman-Ford algorithms. As a distance-vector protocol, RIP router send updates to its neighbors periodically, thus allowing the convergence to a known topology. In each update, the distance to any given network will be broadcasted to its neighboring router.

ripd supports RIP version 2 as described in RFC2453 and RIP version 1 as described in RFC1058.

5.1 Starting and Stopping ripd  
5.2 RIP Configuration  
5.3 How to Announce RIP route  
5.4 Filtering RIP Routes  
5.5 RIP Metric Manipulation  
5.6 RIP distance  
5.7 RIP route-map  
5.8 RIP Authentication  
5.9 RIP Timers  
5.10 Show RIP Information  
5.11 RIP Debug Commands  

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