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5.7 RIP route-map

Usage of ripd's route-map support.

Optional argument route-map MAP_NAME can be added to each redistribute statement.

redistribute static [route-map MAP_NAME]
redistribute connected [route-map MAP_NAME]

Cisco applies route-map _before_ routes will exported to rip route table. In current Zebra's test implementation, ripd applies route-map after routes are listed in the route table and before routes will be announced to an interface (something like output filter). I think it is not so clear, but it is draft and it may be changed at future.

Route-map statement (see section 12. Route Map) is needed to use route-map functionality.

Route-map's match statement

Route-map Command: match metric N
Match if the route has this metric.

Route-map Command: match ip address <access-list>
Match if route destination is permitted by access-list.

Route-map Command: match ip next-hot A.B.C.D
Cisco uses here <access-list>, ripd IPv4 address. Match if route has this next-hop (meaning next-hop listed in the rip route table - "show ip rip")

Route-map Command: match interface NAME
Notation of this match is different from Cisco. Cisco uses a list of interfaces - NAME1 NAME2 ... NAMEN. Ripd allows only one name (maybe will change in the future). Next - Cisco means interface which includes next-hop of routes (it is somewhat similar to "ip next-hop" statement). Ripd means interface where this route will be sent. This difference is because "next-hop" of same routes which sends to different interfaces must be different. Maybe it'd be better to made new matches - say "match interface-out NAME" or something like that.

Route-map's set statement

Route-map Command: set metric <0-4294967295>
Set a metric for matched route when sending announcement. The metric value range is very large for compatibility with other protocols. For RIP, valid metric values are from 1 to 16.

Route-map Command: set next-hop A.B.C.D
Set next-hop field.

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