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2.3 Install the Software

Installing the software to your system consists of copying the compiled programs and supporting files to a standard location. After the installation process has completed, these files have been copied from your work directory to `/usr/local/bin', and `/usr/local/etc'.

To install the Zebra suite, issue the following command at your shell prompt: make install.

% make install

Zebra daemons have their own terminal interface or VTY. After installation, you have to setup each beast's port number to connect to them. Please add the following entries to `/etc/services'.

zebrasrv      2600/tcp		  # zebra service
zebra         2601/tcp		  # zebra vty
ripd          2602/tcp		  # RIPd vty
ripngd        2603/tcp		  # RIPngd vty
ospfd         2604/tcp		  # OSPFd vty
bgpd          2605/tcp		  # BGPd vty
ospf6d        2606/tcp		  # OSPF6d vty

If you use a FreeBSD newer than 2.2.8, the above entries are already added to `/etc/services' so there is no need to add it. If you specify a port number when starting the daemon, these entries may not be needed.

You may need to make changes to the config files in `/usr/local/etc/*.conf'. See section 3.1 Config Commands.

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