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2.1 Configure the Software

Zebra has an excellent configure script which automatically detects most host configurations. There are several additional configure options you can use to turn off IPv6 support, to disable the compilation of specific daemons, and to enable SNMP support.

Turn on compilation of the zebra-guile interpreter. You will need the guile library to make this. zebra-guile implementation is not yet finished. So this option is only useful for zebra-guile developers.
Turn off IPv6 related features and daemons. Zebra configure script automatically detects IPv6 stack. But sometimes you might want to disable IPv6 support of Zebra.
Do not build zebra daemon.
Do not build ripd.
Do not build ripngd.
Do not build ospfd.
Do not build ospf6d.
Do not build bgpd.
Make bgpd which does not make bgp announcements at all. This feature is good for using bgpd as a BGP announcement listener.
Force to enable GNU/Linux netlink interface. Zebra configure script detects netlink interface by checking a header file. When the header file does not match to the current running kernel, configure script will not turn on netlink support.
Enable SNMP support. By default, SNMP support is disabled.

You may specify any combination of the above options to the configure script. By default, the executables are placed in `/usr/local/sbin' and the configuration files in `/usr/local/etc'. The `/usr/local/' installation prefix and other directories may be changed using the following options to the configuration script.

Install architecture-independent files in prefix [/usr/local].
Read-only sample configuration file in dir [prefix/etc].

% ./configure --disable-ipv6

This command will configure zebra and the routing daemons.

There are several options available only to GNU/Linux systems: (1).

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