A (hopefully) scalable scheme for linking the consume network using ip-over-ip tunnels

(This is a bit rough now. Don't worry if you don't know what a 'route reflector' is. You really don't need to know).

On each ADSL providers/isps network that have consume nodes we have two machine that act as 'route reflectors'.

Everyone using that providers network then connects to those two 'route reflectors' (and they connect to each other).

All the route reflectors then connect to each other.

(we might instead want the route reflectors to connect to a small number of even more centralized machines, (I'm not sure how well the first version will scale)).

Here's a diagram I prepared earlier:

The route reflectors should ideally be machines that:

As far as i know we don't have any machines with the properties listed above. I'm happy to take the plunge and offer two of mine as suitable victims.

Hint: if you come close to fitting the above description then you need to mail me pronto.

Hostname Contact ISP Bandwidth Consume wireless connectivity
mostly.pointless.net Jasper Wallace Internet Vision (transit from XO and Easynet) 2Mbit leased line None, in a basement, very low chance of roof access.
fish.pointless.net Jasper Wallace Easynet ADSL 512k ADSL (I think) None, very small possibility of connection to the south in Kensington. Darron (darron@kewl.org) or me (jasper@pointless.net) Colt 10Mbit Ethernet None, Cisco 2611

TODO: add a flag people can set in the db to become route reflectors.