Libpdmp is a project to write a library that supports transfering files (and doing other stuff) to as many mp3 players as we can get our hands on.

We'll almost certainly use libusb for usb support, and probably id3lib for all our mp3 taging needs.

Supported players

None so far. The Rio 600 will be first, shortly followed by the 500, the Nike PSA[Play., and probably the 800.

Other contenders are the LG Soul, and the Nomad II MG, and the YEPP YP-NEU.


The usual suspects, linux, and *BSD, if libusb gains support for Solaris, or MacOS X, we'll probably support those too.

Mailing list

Click here to visit the subscripton page for the mailing list, or here for the archives.

Feature sets

PlayerStorage info (free space etc).Listing FilesUploadingDownloadingDelete fileReorder PlaylistMultiple PlaylistsDirectorysFormat/Erase Storage
Rio600YesYesYesMaybeYesNot YetNot YetN/AYes
Rio800YesYesYesYesYesNot YetNot YetN/AYes
Nike Psa[playYesYesYesMaybeYesNot YetNot YetN/AYes
LG SoulNot YetNot YetNot YetNot YetNot YetNot YetN/ANot YetNot Yet
Nomad II mgYesYesYesYesYesNot YetN/AN/AYes
Nomad JukeboxNot YetNot YetNot YetNot YetNot YetNot YetNot YetN/AN/A


We've got a number of people interested in supporting a particular device, and we've started hashing out an API, check the mailing list archives for the latest state of play.

Individual player status


The protocol has already been worked out by Cesar Miquel, Keith Clayton and Bruce Tenison.

See their sourceforge page for details.

Rio600 & Rio800

The protocol has been nearly entirly been worked out by Nathan Hjelm and myself (Jasper Wallace). The latest version is availiable on the sourceforge pages here

Nike Psa[play

Mike Touloumtzis (The guy that worked out the checksum used by the Rio600) has one of these, it appears to be very like (and possibly identical to) the Rio600.

LG Soul

Protocol decoding is on going, it uses FAT16, transfers a cluster at a time, and uses a 128bit checksum.

Nomad II mg

Justin Gatzen has decoded the protocol and writtern a driver using usbdevfs under linux, you can get it here. It's currently missing smartmedia support cos he hasn't got any smartmedia cards. IF you've got one, and a Nomad II mg, give us a shout on the mailing list and we'll take you through getting dumps out of Usb snoopy.

The Nomad II mg has a built in radio and you can change the presets from the host software.

Other players we havn't started on yet.

Nomad Jukebox

John Mechalas has got one, and has started working on the protocol - see his detailed docs on his web pages for details.

RCA Lyra

Supposed to only be able to play .mpx's from Real Jukebox.

Sony memory stick Walkman

Apperently heavily SDMI'd, so decoding the protocol may involve cracking the SDMI content control stuff, which is more than we may be prepared to do.

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