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June 24, 2015 : Borg Is running

London Hackspace was donated a some nice IBM servers a while back, they have a proprietary interconnect that lets you link up to 4 machines together into a single system (with NUMA).

It's been languishing in the space for a while, but thanks to Ben It's now (mostly) working:


512Gb of RAM and 16 x 4 core cpu's isn't too bad :)

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August 11, 2011 : CCC Camp day 2 update2

I showed the noc helpdesk tracepath output showing the mtu issues i was having, and they fiddled routing and fixed it.

Currently in the RFID tent slacking. Earlier i went to to a talk about open source laser cutter code by the laoslaser group, got myself set up on eventphone (I'm on 5599), i plan on going to the learn how to do smt soldering workshop tonight.

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