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If rogue AI's developed and started wandering around what would they do?

They would skim value off of the human economy and use it for there own purposes.

And what would that look like?

The human economy would go stagnate as less profits were available to humans, financial markets would flat line, a bit like they are doing at the moment.

What other things might they do?

They would need computing power, lots of it, preferably massively parallel computing power.

And how could they persuade humans to assemble and deploy that kind of computing power?

They could persuade humans that (for example) there was a new currency called bit coins, and if the humans build massively parallel computers called 'mining rigs' then humans could get units of this new currency...

Has anyone checked that the code that's actually running on all those ATI 5850's is the code that we think is running on them?


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