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2015- 08-13

CCC Camp15 Day 1

August 13, 2015

Lots of stuff happening at the camp. The EMF Village is up and running and everyone is here now.

I did an Engel parking shift this morning which involved sitting around not doing very much, the parking area was quite far from the camp in some woodland so while there weren't cars around i went looking for wildlife:

/m/p/jasper/phone/thumb_IMG_20150813_103605.jpg /m/p/jasper/phone/thumb_IMG_20150813_103737.jpg /m/p/jasper/phone/thumb_IMG_20150813_104205.jpg /m/p/jasper/phone/thumb_IMG_20150813_104424.jpg /m/p/jasper/phone/thumb_IMG_20150813_104432.jpg /m/p/jasper/phone/thumb_IMG_20150813_105002.jpg
tags: wildlife camping

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