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2009- 01-04

RIP Molly

January 4, 2009

I was osm'ing between Milton Court and Westcott this afternoon with Molly, and she did her usual vanishing act after a squirrel. I wandered around calling for her for ages, and got a phone call from someone who had seen her being hit by a van on the A25 :(

So rest in peace molly...

/m/p/jasper/pics/2008_02_25/thumb_IMG_2026.JPG /m/p/jasper/pics/2008_04_06/thumb_IMG_2061.JPG /m/p/jasper/pics/2008_03_07/thumb_IMG_2032.JPG /m/p/jasper/pics/2007_03_18/thumb_IMG_1476.JPG /m/p/jasper/pics/2007_03_18/thumb_IMG_1473.JPG /m/p/jasper/pics/2007_01_24/thumb_IMG_1341.JPG /m/p/jasper/pics/2006_04_17/thumb_IMG_0847.JPG /m/p/jasper/pics/2004_04_23/thumb_IMG_0193.JPG /m/p/jasper/pics/2004_05_20/thumb_IMG_0233.JPG

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